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here you are Supremesims hope this is good enough Sorry that they are only Cas shots but my game kept crashing and it takes ages to lode and i didn’t want to continue to keep you waiting 

It Does like a few others that tested also, split at the belly a few gaps or (shadows??) around the upper back under arm area but other than that its ok!!

Thank you for letting me test for ya!


I liked both…

Beautiful! I just want to know one thing Honey WCIF the Nose ring that she has?


Khadija Deng 

Progress…1 year…

Finding a skin that keeps it’s detail for a dark skinned model in TS3 is just…ugh. I’m happy with her now though :3

Love ha!

Mar 5

I’m going through

I’m up 1:am stressed, in tears, I can’t seem to stop, I’m dealing with so much and to top it all off my Grandma who has Alzheimer’s/dementia is at end of life stages, my own mother is breaking down with breast, blood, and kidney problems, and I have multiple joint pain plus fibro and with all that I have to change my grandmas diapers, IM CHANGING MY GRANDMAS DIAPERS! She fights she spits it’s a mess and my family HAS to with no exceptions be moved out and off the property by the end of this month! We haven’t started packing, hell we haven’t had the chance because we’ve been caring for my terminal ill grandmother. My mom has sisters yes but they are older and sick and some have other responsibilities but here we are left with minor help and to boot my mother and I am not in the best of health ourselves. Ever since I’ve had to push past pain to care for my grandmother my time with my baby my only child my 14 year old daughter is not getting my attention because I’m just so exhausted! I’m just stressed I’ve had so much happen to me all at once so fast I haven’t been able to breathe, first it was my job situation I had to end up leaving one because they were cutting hours way down that let to me taking small jobs which was a huge pay deduction, then next I develop pains all over my body to the point where doctor has put me out of work, I can’t work because of my illness then next my relationship is dwindling, then I have to move back In with my mom because my partner just can’t handle everything by her self which later led to a ten year relationship which I thought was gonna end up with marriage because that’s what I was led to believe ended she just left me not a word not a goodbye just left! Then I’m alone hurting mentally and physically with the weight of reality on my back, I end up falling back in to my teenage ways, cutting, depression, anxiety and more, then faced with no where to live no money no nothing, I got a kid who wants everything and I can’t do nothing! My dream career faded, my relationship gone, my family against my my grandmother in the last stages of her life my mom wearing thin
All this I just want to breathe
It’s 1 am and I’m still awake

Ok Seeing as all of a sudden I’m getting a spike in notes on a post of Kai ( by which I’m so surprised and thankful for) I guess it’s time I dusted her off and do a little update on her! So Kai is now in progress of being updated!! Thank you guys so much for likening her!!

 The Holidays

Gather around and Watch TV

Have Heated Discussions/Arguments 

Take A bunch of Selfies

Gotta have the Loud and a cup

Everythang’s Alright


These Photos were Crap all the way around the set up the clothes the everything, but i’ve been through multiple crashes everytime i try to get things right  so i quit trying to get it right, smh  i just said f it 

Dang it there go that itch again that cc itch! Now I got to exit my game an I just got the f in the game!

lesimsfashionista replied to your post “ATTENTION!!”

where u been lol i havnt seen u post in a longgggggggg timeeeeee

Really to be honest i didn’t think anyone noticed or cared, so Thank you for noticing! ;) <3 but i don’t really post like how i would like to because of my Chronic Pain illness it kinda gets the best of me at times. Where as it would prob take most of you all or some maybe a a couple mins to a few hours or so to put a scene/shoot together it takes me weeks - a month sometimes, i have things lined up to post but they need perfecting, or i’d get side tracked with Constant Dl- ing of all the pretty thingies! but basically it’s just a fight between pain and will power! lol i got something coming in just a little bit though!

Besides i just got to play with all the new stuffies soo be on the watch for something i thank you and appreciate the likes and stuff cause you or anyone  didn’t have to so yeah im grateful for it!! 


All y’all TheSims 3 cc makers as of late need to stop playing!! Like I go away for a min and come back and like all the simblrs, all the cc sites and blogs everyone is just exploding with NEW AMAZING STUFF! Like WTF man! I’m over here spazzing out because I’m never ever gonna get in game because I’m like I’m like hypnotized or some crap or something! I’m addicted to cc! The Urban stuff,The Conversions,the poses like FOH! Man I love y’all!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THESE BEAUTIOUS STUFFIS!! You guys are WONDERFUL! Now let me go hit this HOE REMI hair in my game!! Screenies coming??? Happy Holidays!! Take TS3 out with a Bang!! I’m gonna miss it!!

Feeling a little ok today, Flair ups not going on right now so i think i’ll try to do some Damage to day Meaning Download a ton plus of all this Nice and Good Looking Content i’s liked and saved here and there and then go and clean some stuff up in some files do some organizing and stuff aaand then when thats all done open my game and stare at it and not do Squat!