Rainbow Simblr


UHGG!! I’m very sick OK my Game,Computer,Custom Content, Memory the whole works All i wanted to do was Have a decent simblr,take some photos play the sims 3  with stuff in it i don’t think i could EVER play vanilla , but aaanyways here is some shots of my two ladies home, and my first time seeing snow in my game and start of the full moon just some unfinished things going on but i wanted some shots of something to put up so here is something! I’ll have more finished photos of my ladies if i could ever get them ready, so frustrated  I keep crashing in CAS every single time i load up so i could be working on her for hours and crap then when i switch to another category and the thumbs start to load and then i get the infamous ”The Sims 3 Has Stopped Working” crash to desktop! this has been on repeat for freakin forever, but right now i hurting and i’m tired so i’m popping my meds and i’m going to sleep on this Christmas day, I’ll try again later with my simmies but right now I QUIT!!